Make It Global Business – Moving Curtains launch an app with the help of a UEL student


A University of East London student and a businesswoman have launched an innovative app to make choosing and buying curtains a walk in a room.

PhD software engineering student Ivan Semelis designed the mobile app for Moving Curtains owner, Jean French, to make it much easier, quicker and simpler to get new curtains.

The Moving Curtains app, for mobile and tablet devises, has various features including camera usage to capture windows, colours and fabrics and it enables users to mix and match colours, transparencies and apply fabrics or patterns to each image. It can generate reports, save and load projects and can calculate the amount of fabric from your measurements giving a breakdown of costs.

Ivan, 25, who lives in Dagenham, and spent six months designing the app said: “The Moving Curtains project has given me extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in app development and programming generally. I’m delighted the app is now launched, fully working and people are happy with it.”

The pair were introduced by Ivan’s supervisor, Dr Usman Naeem, from the School of Architecture, Computing & Engineering who met Jean through the University of East London’s ‘Make It Global’ project, which supports London-based companies that are majority female-owned and want to expand nationally and internationally.

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