Digital or bust: the benefits of keeping your head in the cloud

shutterstock_109387343The way we do business has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. As technology continues to advance there are now a plethora of digital tools that can simplify business processes and increase efficiency. Gone are the days of hiring meeting rooms and couriers, this is the era of videoconferencing and the cloud.

Just as the fax was superseded by the email, we’re slowly moving towards the total digitisation of business practices. Tech savvy enterprises are moving a range of day-to-day processes online in order to gain a competitive advantage. Every time a company has to take something offline, such as paying an invoice or signing a contract, precious time is lost and unnecessary costs are incurred. For business customers, lost time and wasted money results in a poor customer experience and, with customers themselves becoming increasingly tech-savvy, companies need to keep up.

The digitisation of a nation

We are now seeing industries rushing to adapt to customer demands for digital business processes. According to a recent study by Accenture, more customers are choosing to bank online which is leading to greater competition between established banks and digital-only players. Mobile commerce is also on the rise, with research from Deloitte finding 68% of shoppers plan to use their mobile devices for online shopping over the holiday period.

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