From zero to 75,000 Facebook followers in just over a year: One start-up’s top three tactics


Social media is often heralded as a breakthrough for small business, connecting them directly with their customers and providing them the opportunity to turn them into fans and advocates.

But the bigger your following, the better the investment. So how do you grow it?

Photographer Richard Hirst launched his Facebook page 20 months ago. Since then, he says promoting his work on the platform has become a key part of his business.

“I started with no fans and now I have 75,000. That’s not big for a big company, but for a small business that’s incredible. Building a database that big would take a very long time,” Hirst says.

Hirst only realised the power of the platform after he started sharing his sunrise shots through his page so his friends could follow his work.

Pictures are particularly powerful for developing a following on social platforms.StartupSmart spoke to Facebook’s Australian head of small business last month about his tips on how to use images for boosting engagement.

Hirst says he hasn’t tracked the conversion rate, but estimates almost 80% of his website visits come either directly from Facebook or people who discovered his work on the platform.

He shared his top three tips with StartupSmart. To read the whole StartupSmart article and the tips click here.


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