How boosting your profile is an effective business-winning formula

SME owners are raising their own profile to get ahead, becoming known as experts while boosting awareness of their ventures

Hands Writing On Keyboard

“I need to build my brand because people are, in effect, buying me. I am my brand.”

Chris Beastall doesn’t just manage men’s grooming retailer Niven & Joshua, which he co-founded in 2008; he’s a writer of sorts, penning articles for online men’s magazines AskMen and FashionBeans. Beastall added another string to his bow last year when he became a columnist for men’s style and lifestyle magazine Esquire.

“I’ve been writing for magazines and blogs about men’s grooming for some time now,” says Beastall. “When brands and industry people see my writing, they consider me more an expert in the men’s grooming sector. It’s often resulted in brands asking for my input into products like a new shaver or cream.”

The boosting of Beastall’s own profile doesn’t just make for a sparkling CV; it has proven to be an effective business-winning formula for the Matlock-based company.

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