Santander Responsible Small Business Award


Responsible Business Awards

The UK’s longest-running and most robust corporate responsibility awards champions organisations that are delivering positive impact on employees, young people, local communities and the environment.  Rigorously assessed by business peers, these awards are an opportunity for businesses of any size to be recognised for their commitment to a wide range of responsible business practices both in the UK and internationally.

The wide range of award categories on offer includes the Santander Responsible Small Business Award which identifies and celebrates businesses that are demonstrating an holistic responsible approach to business in the realms of community, environment, marketplace and amongst their workforce.

The aim of the Santander Responsible Small Business of the Year Award is to recognise and reward smaller businesses that have integrated responsible business practice across their operations.


The award will recognise those smaller businesses that are moving beyond short-term gain and are orienting themselves to build resilience and the long-term viability of their business by having a positive impact in all four of the following areas:

  • Community – how the business supports, recruits from, trades with and engages with local communities of greatest need
  • Environment – how the business seeks to improve its impact on the environment
  • Marketplace – how the business develops its products, works with suppliers and markets to its customers
  • Workplace – how the business invests in the diversity, skills and well-being of its employees

The award will recognise the business which can demonstrate the business case for its own organisation of integrating responsible business practice, alongside the positive societal and environmental impacts.

The award is open to independent trading businesses with no parent company, employing fewer than 1500 employees (or full time equivalent) and with a turnover of under £250m. We accept entries from privately owned businesses, as well as financially sustainable social enterprises.

Read more about the awards and a chance to enter here.


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