How sharing can help your business grow

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Carrying on from Make It Global’s successful Collaboration for Success event before Christmas. Here is an article from The Guardian on how sharing in business can be useful.

How sharing can help your business grow

Businesses find sharing office space, staff and machinery is good for their bottom line

In difficult economic times, and as working practices and technology evolves, SMEs are finding that it’s good to share. Michelle Henry runsHNS Signs, a signage business in Birmingham. She shares premises, staff and machinery with a printers called Genesis Display run by Steve Turrell. The arrangement has seen both businesses grow.

Henry started her business three years ago after buying cheap machinery from another signage company she worked for that stopped trading. “I was looking at all these different properties and I couldn’t find anything with the roller shutting you need to have access for lorries,” she says. “I was doing a job for Steve and I happened to mention that I was struggling to find new premises. He said that times were hard for them with the recession and would I like to move in with him?”

Turrell had just taken over as boss of Genesis Display and when Henry first joined him it was just the two of them in the office. “It was good we had each other because otherwise there would be no one to cover when we went out on site surveys,” she says. “We know a lot about each other’s business so we can answer any technical questions when we get phone calls.” The agreement has worked so well that they have recently moved to a larger premises together.

Read the rest of the article from The Guardian here.

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