1 day to go: Countdown to Christmas – a gift for the new year: #UELMakeItGlobal’s January seminar – improving your performance whilst travelling overseas

MIG Santa16th Jan event

Make It Global: Managing your personal performance whilst travelling overseas

When: Thursday 16th January 2014 14:00 – 17:00pm

Where: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, UEL Office, 10th Floor, E14 5AB

Cost: Free to all eligible Make It Global Businesses*

Register: here

International travel is becoming an important aspect of growing your business beyond national borders. Maintaining your momentum during your travel becomes a challenge when your expectations are not met and time wasters accumulate over your stay. Work life balance becomes a real struggle. In this highly interactive workshop, Bettina and Valerie will share practical tips and insights on how to deal with typical stress triggers arising from working internationally. They will help you better manage your stress so that stress does not take over your life. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect and share with their peers their stress challenges. They will experience first-hand practical and simple tools to bring down stress levels and regain your “optimal state” when it matters.

To find out more about Bettina’s and Valerie’s stress management approach and insights, check out their blog.

Bettina Pickering

Working for a major UK consultancy, Bettina spent more than 10 years travelling all over Europe and the US, selling and delivering project ranging from short interventions to complex people and IT change programmes for multinational and local client companies. Since founding Aronagh in 2010, Bettina has worked with clients in the UK, Germany, Denmark and Dubai, as a trainer, facilitator, coach and consultant. Developing and maintaining her own practice based on Qi Gong, Mindfulness and Somatic Psychology enabled Bettina to stay healthy, fit and motivated in times of extensive workloads and weekly travel to more than one country.

Bettina’s profile is available on Linkedin. In addition to stress management, Bettina offers cross culture change consultancy, leadership training and behavioural change facilitation. She also coaches on career transition and emotion management. Check out her website for more information.

Valerie Cheong Took

Valerie has spent most of her career working for international organisations. Business travel has been part of the work landscape for a number of years. Carrying on business negotiations, board meetings, project appraisal, business and project evaluation in different countries was part of her responsibilities. With an agenda that did not allow regular attendance at the gym or fitness classes, Valerie came up with her own  “wellbeing” toolkit so as to continue on performing at work and enjoying life. As a coach and workshop facilitator, she has been working with individuals and organisations based in Mauritius, Tanzania and the UK.

Valerie’s profile is available on Linkedin. In addition to stress management, Valerie offers cross cultural coaching and training. She also coaches on conflict resolution. In addition, she mentors and coaches young people. More information is available on her website.

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