Trading Places: A Seriously Funny Look at Going Global

Trading Places Polaroid

During Global Enterprise Week 2013, on Thursday 21st November 2013, the University of East London’s Centre of Excellence for Women’s Entrepreneurship and Funny Women hosted a joint networking event with a twist, ‘Trading Places: A Seriously Funny Look at Going Global‘.

The event offered guests the opportunity to reflect on the challenges they face in building successful global businesses while they watched a performance by Funny Women, the UK’s leading female comedy community, and some very special guests.

Jo Swinson MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills offered her support to the event:

“The Women’s Business Council’s report showed just how important it is, in economic terms, for women to be able to contribute fully in the workforce. There is a sound business case for ensuring this happens and it would be madness to ignore it.

This event is a unique opportunity for women to explore what going global means to them”

If you missed out on the event you can see some of the pictures from the event here. Remember to like our Facebook page while you are looking.


The event was so successful that we were awarded acknowledgement by the GEW team for running a ‘High Impact’ event as part of the campaign.

GEW’s High Impact criteria is designed to identify events that provide role models, offer practical support, develop enterprise capabilities, and reference the wider GEW campaign and evaluate success – all elements that we have identified as being crucial to a successful GEW event.

Check our events calendar to find out about our future events and different ways we can help your business Make It Global.


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