A Master Class on Financing your Exports

6699_30 Financing your exports V3When: Monday 11th November 2013, 14:30- 18:30
Where: London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), 33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP
Cost: Free

Registration: Download the registration information here. Download the detailed programme here.

Find out how to finance your exports and protect your company against the risks involved in international trade. Learn how banks, UK Export Finance and credit insurance can help your business expand overseas.

Why attend this event
You should attend this event if the answer to any of these questions is yes:
• Does your business need working capital to finance export contracts?
• Have you turned down export contracts because you could not raise the necessary finance?
• Does your bank require cash security when you need a performance bond or guarantee?
• Has your business experienced bad debts when dealing with overseas clients?
• Has your business experienced difficulties in obtaining trade credit insurance?
• Do you require your bank to support your business by confirming a letter of credit in respect of an export contract?
• Are you worried about dealing with clients in the ever-increasing number of countries affected by civil and political unrest?

Eligibility criteria to attend this event
In order to attend this event you must be a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) based within the South East or one of London’s 33 boroughs and must have been trading for a minimum of 24 months. You must have fewer than 250 employees, with a turnover of less than £40m and looking into increasing your overseas market access.

About Export Week
Export Week, during Monday 11 – Friday 15 November 2013, is a week of events to encourage SMES to export to new markets and provide
them with the information and networks they need to investigate further.


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