Doing Business In India


When: Tuesday 20th August 2013, 17:30- 20:15

Where: Allen and Overy LLP, 1 Bishops SquareLondon, Greater London, E1 6AD

Cost:  Free to all eligible Make It Global Businesses* as CEWE Contact – Complimentary

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This ‘Doing Business in India’ Seminar is a fantastic opportunity for SMEs in the UK to explore the Indian market and establish new international partnerships which will help grow their business.
Many British companies struggle to get to grips with the basics in large and rapidly growing economies, such as India. This joint event with The Centre of Excellence for Women’s Entrepreneurship will illustrate and explain the tried and tested routes to market that many British SMEs have used to succeed in India. An economy which continues to grow at around 6 per cent, with several Indian states expanding at staggering rates of over 10 per cent.

Join other like-minded business leaders for a practical discussion on how to succeed in the rapidly expanding Indian market, listen to expert speakers discuss India’s potential as a platform for future growth, consider the challenges faced by the Indian opportunity and how find out how these can be navigated. Our expert speakers and case study companies will cover key topics including finding customers, tax and regulation, and how to find the right Indian partner.

Who should attend?
CEOs, MDs, FDs and business development professionals from SMEs and large companies, interested in benefitting from the growth of the Indian economy; whether as an export market or as a place to invest.
Anyone considering expanding their business to India or those already doing business with India who are considering expanding or adapting their business model.

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Startup Summer – Tech meets Creative “Unconference”

strtup summer

Fancy sharing an ice cream with some cool tech and creative start-ups, whilst listening to talks and taking part in discussions, with some of the leading investors, experts and personalities in the London Tech and Creative scene?

We will have some of the best speakers and panellists including:

*Will Page -Director of Economics at Spotify
*Ben Southworth of TCIO and founder of 3 Beards
*Federico Pirzio-Biroli – founder of Play Capital- London’s biggest supper Angel
*Jon Bradford- Founder of Springboard and Tech Stars London
*Dan Katz – Founder of Unbound
*Raoul Tawadey- Founder of Readwave
*Sal Virani- Founder of Leancamp
*and many others from London’s booming tech and creative start-up community

Great exclusive opportunity to be won:

*Free office space in Camden from 6 months courtesy of Camden Collective
*An App development Team to build you a free of charge MVP IOS or android App courtesy of
*A SaaS development Team to build a free of charge MVP SaaS product courtesy of

all wrapped up with loads of networking opportunities and beer!

We will be making new speaker announcements every few days but in the meantime do book your place so not to miss out!

When: Friday 26th July from 12pm – 7pm
Where: Camden Collective, 37 Camden High Street (via Symes Mews) London 
Price: £20 refundable deposit – refunded on the day if you attend  



Trade Mission to China: Chengdu


London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is leading a trade mission to Moscow on Monday 21st June – Thursday 24th October 2013.

The EU-China Business & Technology Fair has been held seven times, with an overall attendance of more than 1,500 EU companies, organisations, universities, government bodies, research institutions, etc., plus over 3,000 Chinese counterparts. Today the Fair is already a prominent investment, trade and technology cooperation platform between the EU and China, with the largest number of EU participating companies.

This year’s Fair will be branded ‘’New Paths for EU and China Innovation and Industry Co-operation’’ and will focus on environmental protection, energy, modern agriculture, biopharmaceutical, aviation and IT sectors, however companies from all sectors interested in West China are welcome.

Please download the flyer for more information.

If you would like to apply please fill in the application form. The closing date for applications is Friday 16th August 2013.

Please read the full programme and find the application form here.

Trade Mission to Belgium: Brussels

6676_30 Trade Mission to Brussels 2013 V2-1

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is leading a trade mission to Brussels on Monday 16th September – Wednesday 18th September 2013.

This mission will combine traditional networking opportunities between British and Belgian companies in the form
of B2B meetings. It will help to facilitate bilateral trade, with the prospect of learning more about European public
procurement, and the EU funding and finance programmes available to SMEs.

Please download the flyer for more information.

If you would like to apply please fill in the application form. The closing date for applications is Friday 16th August 2013.

Please read the full programme and find the application form here.

Do you want to trade with Russia? Learn from Napoleon.



Fools learn on their own mistakes, cleverer ones would learn from others. Russians are proud to celebrate 200 years of their victory over French Napoleon in what Russians call The Patriotic War. The Borodino battle in early September 1812 had predetermined the outcome of the war and indeed Napoleon’s fate in general. He had to leave the country followed by the Russian army up to the borders of the Empire, lost most of his army and then actually lost his power. So what mistakes did he make that ruined his success-to-be story in Russia? What could you learn from his experience and make better in order to succeed?

Make your research and invest enough time and resources in proper preparation. Napoleon clearly underestimated not only the patriotic spirit of Russians and their resilience nurtured by centuries of living in tough climate conditions but the climate itself. Look at the Russian economy in the context, check as many details as possible, even though these will be quite scarce and not always easy to find. The Russian market data base is only in the process of being created. Make sure you check information in your language as well as in Russian – this will give you a broader and more objective picture.

Never assume that if you won Moscow you got success in the whole country. Russia is the largest country in the world spread over eleven time zones. And this is one of few cases, when the size does matter. Napoleon got grip over Moscow and spent a wonderful month in the burnt to ground city, yet he had to withdraw.

Russian regions live their own lives. There is a common joke saying that there is no life outside Moscow, and its roots lie in the fact that life in Moscow so much differs from that one anywhere else. Another joke says that the only problem of St Petersburg is that it is surrounded by Russia. Very snobbish, I know, but again, it can indicate the depth of differences between the country’s regions. There are two good pieces of news though. Firstly, you will never get bored in Russia. You will learn new every day, most importantly you will learn to expect unexpected. Secondly, on the practical level, some experts claim, that if you succeed outside Moscow you are most likely to succeed in some other CIS countries should you wish to expand there too.

Speak the language. Noble Russians indeed spoke mostly French all over 19th century, but it did not quite help Napoleon’s soldiers to succeed in Russia as communication with local residents was rather difficult. Forty thousand Russians fled the army, once in France, and integrated very well into the French community. Russians are quick and eager learners (which is good news when it comes to hiring local staff!), but that works slightly more to their advantage than yours when they speak your language and you do not understand theirs, doesn’t it?

Be ready to stay there long and build relationships, make local allies. Again, Napoleon fell victim of his poor research. Should he have learnt the history of 17th century, he would have known the story of the Russian peasant Ivan Susanin who had volunteered to help the Poles to find the young Russian tsar, who then lived in his village 340km from Moscow, then guided them to the wildest woods and left there in the midst of a severe Russian winter (well, they killed him then, but suffered huge losses themselves too). 400 years later you’d still better have a Russian partner or mentor, however please-please choose carefully recognising and appreciating their motives, cultural differences and background and gradually build open – business and personal, as these are rather interdependent in Russia – relations based on mutual trust. This will pay off.

Oh, and the last, but by no means the least, come to Russia with peace, but not war.

(PS: Of course, I am over-generalising, and these rules would not apply to every single situation, Russians are different as they are all individuals with their own background, upbringing, character—– and inspirations.)

Ignaty Dyakov, MD of Russia Local Ltd business consultancy, professional linguist and the author of the Russian language textbook for business people “Rasskaz-Sensatsiya” (

Russia Local Ltd offer consulting, Russian language tuition, translation services (from all major world languages to Russian), accompanied visits to Russia, and partner matching service. They also run “Doing Business in Russia” and “Selling to Russian customers” training courses in the UK and Europe. The company is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, Russo-British Chamber of Commerce and the UK Advisory Network by UKTI and works with the Make It Global project.

Award success for Fashion Enter!

On Thursday night Jenny Holloway, Director of Fashion Enter, won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Social Enterprise category for the  London and South region.

Jenny,  coSocial enterprise awardmmented, ‘A company is only as good as the team that works there and how blessed are we to have such amazing talented people!  The last seven years has been a journey but the vision was always clear. Business today is also about giving and creating a lasting legacy for all we work with and supply

Thank you also to Ernst and Young for their confidence in us and the mentoring we have received to date – this has made a great impact very quickly!

Finally our clients have also been truly amazing as has our supply base. The award is for us all!  I just had a good idea and then I wouldn’t give up!’