Doing Business in United States

business-usa-bannerThere are many opportunities for UK Business in United States. We provide a wealth of information and guidance on doing business in United States.

This includes:

  • Doing Business Guide
  • Sector Reports
  • FCO Country Updates
  • Overseas Security Information for Business (OSIB)

What are the Opportunities?

The U.S. economy is integrated and largely self-contained, with every major industry represented. U.S. manufacturers often source components overseas and UK goods have traditionally enjoyed a good reputation for quality in the United States.

Key sectors in the United States identified by UK Trade & Investment include:

  1. Advanced Engineering
  2. Clean Technology
  3. Creative and Media
  4. Energy and Power
  5. Financial and Professional Services
  6. Homeland Security
  7. ICT
  8. Life Sciences

Guide to Doing Business in United States

UKTI has produced a guide aimed at companies experienced in overseas trade who are new to doing business with United States. This guide aims to provide a route map of the way ahead, together with signposts to sources of help.

  • Introduction
  • Preparing to Export
  • How to do Business
  • What are the challenges
  • Business Etiquette
  • How to invest in United States
  • Contacts

Download the United States Doing Business Guide
Sector Reports

For information on your sector in United States including characteristics of the market, opportunities and key contacts, please check out the latest sector reports.

See all Sector Reports for United States

To view the article and to see what other information UKTI can provide click here.


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