India Trading


5 Tips for Doing Business

1. Where you are operating in India can make a big difference – Gujarat is widely seen as business friendly.

2. Extended family links in many companies mean you may not be talking to the ‘real’ head of the company. So informal channels for contacts with the real movers and shakers are very important: weddings, professional networks, clubs, ‘venues’.

3. Start and end the day late. Indian breakfast meetings can start at 10am and evening meetings might not start until 9pm. Hours are long and weekends are for working too. Watch out for religious holidays.

4. Expect your meeting to be interrupted. Indians multi-task, so your presentation may be interrupted by other visitors, phone calls, papers to sign and other discussions. Mobiles are rarely switched off.

5. Lakhs and crores in the Indian numbering system are used widely. A lakh is 100,000 (written 1,00,000) and one crore (written 1,00,00,000) is 10,000,000. One crore equals = 100 lakhs.

SABE TIBBITTS – Kernel Consulting Ltd
+44 (0)20 7278 8689 / +44 (0)7867 606860


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